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LAKHO Mining Services has become synonymous with explosives and explosives accessories in South Africa.

It is one of the largest importers of explosives and explosive initiating devices in South Africa. LAKHO offers unmatched range of Explosive Products to the Mining and Construction industries. The Company sets out to deliver it's rightly processed products at right prices.

The Company imports and deals with the entire range of explosives system ranging from Electric Detonator, Plain Detonator, Detonating Fuse, Cap Sensitive, Booster Sensitive, cast Booster and Non-electric Detonator system, None Explosives Explosives for use in any mining application and construction industries.

The Company's employees and its infrastructure along with its Marketing team has its own market led innovations for cost effective and competitive price for its products and services.

LAKHO has with its superior quality products found ready markets in South Africa and African countries.

LAKHO Mining Services imports its product from a company called Solar Explosive which is one of the largest comprehensive explosives and explosive initiating devices manufacturing companies in India.

The Solar Group has a licensed & installed capacity of 175, 000 MT of Explosives, 140 million Detonators & 20 million meters of detonating fuse.

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